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A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Empowering Your Manufacturing Needs with Excellence

Welcome to Vindee Industries, Inc. – Where Tradition Meets Innovation. For over four decades, we have dedicated ourselves to providing manufacturers across North America with high-quality, customized metal parts. We are embarking on a journey of modernization and expansion, driven by a passion for excellence and innovation.

We’re on a mission to expand our reach, embracing modernization and efficiency . With a strategic eye on industries like transportation equipment, machinery, furniture, electrical equipment, and computer/electronic product manufacturing, we’re diversifying our clientele across the United States and Canada.

Why Choose VINDEE ?

Our commitment to excellence is not just about what we make but how we make it. We are proud to have built lasting partnerships based on trust, quality, and reliability. Our clients choose us for our expertise, our dedication to meeting their needs, and our ability to deliver superior custom metal parts solutions.

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Crafting Excellence for Your Manufacturing Needs

At Vindee Industries, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the diverse needs of manufacturers across North America. From precision custom metal fabrication to innovative design and prototyping, material selection guidance, and operational modernization consultancy, we offer a full spectrum of solutions. 

Equipped for Your Success

At Vindee Industries, we're fully equipped to turn your manufacturing visions into reality. Our facility boasts an extensive array machinery, including advanced punch and brake presses, MIG welders, and lathes, all operated by our skilled team.

Expanding Horizons, Creating Opportunities

Vindee Industries is on a mission to broaden its market reach and diversify its client base. By targeting key industries like transportation, machinery manufacturing, and electronics, we aim to create new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Guided by Vision and Expertise

Vindee Industries embodies a blend of visionary foresight and deep-rooted expertise. With a legacy spanning over four decades, we're steering towards innovation while upholding our commitment to quality.

Partner with Us for a Brighter Manufacturing Future

Embrace a future where your manufacturing needs are met with unmatched expertise and innovation. At Vindee Industries, we believe in building strong partnerships that foster growth and excellence.

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